Oct 08

Wolf pack introductions update

Many of you have been curious about the progress the pups are making meeting their new pack mates, Tala, Kitchi and Maska. We have started fence to fence introductions and everything is going swimmingly.

The puppies are VERY excited to be that close to adults. They exhibit submissive behavior: low swishing tails, ears back, care seeking (puppy whining, essentially), crouching and even urinating. They are beside themselves to interact with the adult wolves.

Speaking of adult wolves, they are also responding appropriately. They are curious, and a little bit dominant, but not aggressive.. As long as things continue going to plan, the pups will start meeting the adults in free contact within the next few weeks.

Mia, their surrogate dog alpha mom, has done a marvelous job teaching them proper canine manners and we can’t thank her enough. I’m sure she will be excited to head back to her home and brag to all of her dog pals about her adventures with wolves.