Jan 18

Weather Only a Wolf Could Love

It may be cold around here now, but I can think of a certain pack which isn’t complaining … the wolves. They love it.

Everyday that it’s below 30 degrees, we humans are outside bundled up in layer upon layer of winter clothing, while the wolves are trotting about, seemingly thrilled with the nip in the air. They are perfectly designed for living in not just a couple of inches of snow, but a couple of feet of snow if necessary. They have fur between their toes, fur lining their ears, and thick fur under their bellies. Their winter coats become very thick, and when it's blustery outside they curl into a ball and cover their wet noses with their fluffy tails. However, Virginia isn’t cold enough for that to happen.

Most days they are running around on the ice with ease, playing in accumulated snow and generally emitting lots of energy. I've even seen them stick their feet and legs in the pools in Wolf Valley to get a drink and not even flinch. Every time I'm outside and shivering I envy our wolves.