Jul 09

Spotlight on Greer, the European Barn Owl

Greer is the resident European barn owl that can be found at the Highland Stables in the Scotland area of Busch Gardens. He is the first animal ambassador that can be found at the park. His habitat is located in front of the stables as you walk up from England. He can sometimes be heard greeting guests as they enter Scotland.

Greer was hatched at a bird sanctuary in 2009 and has been a wonderful addition to the stables since 2010. He can be seen entertaining guests in the area in front of his habitat and also flying over the heads of passerby’s as he circles the back area of the stables in flight. Several times a day, Greer’s trainers bring him out and fly him over guests and through the trees behind the stables. Greer has also appeared on several news stations and even flown to professional skate boarder Bucky Lasek recently while he was at Busch Gardens for Ramp Jam.

European barn owls are smaller than their North American cousins. They can grow to about 13 inches in height and weigh around one pound. Their smaller weight allows them to fly longer distances as they search for prey. Barn owls typically hunt for small rodents like mice and voles but have occasionally been known to take out bats at night.

Next time you are in Scotland stop by the stables and ask when Greer will be out flying. You can usually hear him screeching as he rounds the corner of the stables in flight. Check out this video of him flying around the stables and look for him next time you come to visit Busch Gardens.