Nov 12

Scary Turns Merry

It’s only the beginning of November, and the Christmas spirit is in the air. Though closed for the next two weeks, our pathways are certainly not empty as we work tirelessly to remove the Howl-O-Scream decorations and install our festive Christmas Town decorations. Each day more lights and garland begin to hang overhead on trees and buildings. It takes a dedicated installation team to transform the park in just a matter of weeks.

Though the results look very different from Howl-O-Scream, the process for Christmas Town installation is very similar. Did you get a chance to walk through the dank corridors of the Catacombs in France? Well, Catacombs is currently in two flatbed trucks and the area is transforming into our expanded Polar Pathway.

Christmas Town is a full transformation of the park. With that, there are some logistical challenges to completing the change in just three weeks. You may have noticed a few buildings in the park that had already sprouted a few bulbs before Howl-O-Scream was finished. The goal is to start the transition with as little intrusion on the current event as possible. Small items like lights that outline a building and out-of-view trees have slowly been added over the past few weeks.

This year, our big expansion is Italy, boasting more than a million lights, sparkling and shimmering in white and gold. If you attended Christmas Town last year on one of our busier nights, you may have gotten a peek at this year’s theme with the maple tree wrapped in white lights. Also, because Il Teatro di San Marco is partially covered, it is able to keep you warm while you dine and watch “Miracles”, our new Italian Christmas show. With inspiring dance, powerful melodies and awe-inspiring staging, “Miracles” is sure to leave audiences breathless.

We hope you get a chance to come out and enjoy Christmas Town and see all of the work our team has done transforming the park for this magnificent event. We’d love to know what you think. See you at Christmas Town.