Mar 30

New Presentation To Be Unveiled At Wolf Haven Theatre

Get ready for our new event at the Wolf Haven Theatre. Our ambassador wolves will be sharing the spotlight in our new presentation, “The Secret Life of Predators.” The term predator carries a negative connotation and we would like to dispel the idea that predators are bad. The environment needs predators just as much as predators need the environment. If you come across any predators, don’t worry, that just means you are living in a healthy ecosystem.

During the winter months we have been keeping busy getting our new animal additions ready to show you what they’re all about. Since many of them have never revealed their secrets to such a large audience, we will need your help in welcoming our new friends to the stage. So please visit us at the Wolf Haven Theatre in Ireland to experience this exciting new presentation.

Think you know what predators will be joining our wolves? Reply to our blog with your guesses, then stop by and see if you’ve answered correctly.