Apr 04

New arrivals at Highland Stables

Hi everyone! As my first blog from the Highland Stables I decided it was perfect to fill you in on our new arrivals this spring. If you’ve ever walked past the stables it’s hard to miss our flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep as they graze on the grass or greet guests in the hallway. At the Highland Stables, we mimic a traditional Scottish farm from our majestic Clydesdales and ever learning Border Collies to welcoming new lambs in the spring.

Over the past three years we have had 13 lambs born at the park. They have spent their time growing up right in the heart of Busch Gardens. You may have seen them walk through Ireland following their trainers up to the Highland Stables. They also make special appearances in the front of the park, greeting guests in the hallway of the stables and also being herded around by Molly, our Border Collie. If you came to the park on Pass Member Preview Day you may have caught a glimpse of Patrick - one of our veteran lambs over in Ireland. He turned two on St. Patrick’s Day this year and spent it meeting guests.

This week when you visit the park, make sure you stop to welcome our new arrivals. You can’t miss the wonderful sign as you walk up from England to Scotland announcing them to our guests. We had five new lambs this year and they are spending their time at the Highland Stables with their mothers. They are already coming to the fence to greet guests and even making some appearances in the photo area. If you are there early enough you may catch a glimpse of them running around, jumping and playing with one another in the paddock behind the stables. Pretty soon they will be joining our herding flock and walking through the park with their mothers for all of the guests to see.

When they are born the handlers spend a lot of time just sitting in the area so that the new lambs get used to seeing us in their habitat. Eventually they get curious and come up to check us out. Soon they discover that when they come close they can be petted and loved. If you see a lamb close to the fenceline it is most likely Lia or Coara. They are our first born lambs this year and are very adventurous. Come check them out!

Also next time you take the train make sure you say hi to Robin our ram as you go past the Italy pastures. He’s the proud father of nine of our lambs and they all share his distinct black spots on their ears.

We took some video of the lambs playing and also some cute close ups to share with everyone. Come see them soon! They won’t be this small for very long!

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