May 30

Meet Kitchi – One of our wolves at Wolf Haven

As you walk by Wolf Valley, you may catch a glimpse of a large, goofy wolf bounding around and pulling out small trees. There’s a good chance you’re watching Kitchi, one of our two-year-old Gray wolves. Kitchi came to live with us in May 2009 when he was just six weeks old. Since then, he has grown to be our largest wolf, weighing in at nearly 110 pounds. He is always excited for training sessions, usually drooling all over the place. Along with his regular training sessions, Kitchi has shown an eagerness to work with guests during our Wolf Training Spotlight Tour.


Kitchi’s identifying features are his size and his unusually short tail. At two years old now, he still hasn’t quite grown into his full running stride. He “gallops” more than runs. Although wolves are usually neophobic (cautious of anything new), Kitchi is very curious and welcoming of strangers near his habitat. He will send out a very “pitchy” howl and announce your presence for everyone to hear. This happens, of course, after he comes bounding down to greet you at the fence. Be sure to keep an eye out for Kitchi and say “hi” the next time you visit Busch Gardens.

Kitchi Fast Facts:

  • Birthday: April 25, 2009
  • Size: 110 lbs., over 5 ft. from nose to tail
  • Diet: More than 2 lbs. of raw meat, dog kibble, dog treats and various “fun” foods per day
  • Packmates: Tala and Maska
  • Personality: Goofy and Energetic