Nov 17

How To Create Dog Toys From Recycled T-Shirts

As part of our Volunteer Week efforts, our park team members recently donated their time and their old t-shirts to create toys for rescue dogs at the Peninsula SPCA. Read below to learn how to make your own t-shirt toy and if you'd like to join our efforts, contact the Peninsula SPCA for how to donate.

Materials Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Rubber band
  • 2-3 t-shirts of varying colors

1. Cut a 2-3 inch band (horizontally) from the bottom waistband of one t-shirt. Snip one side of the loop creating an extra-long strip. Set aside.

2. Cut t-shirt horizontally across chest from armpit to armpit to remove top portion of t-shirt. Lay the lower portion of the t-shirt flat and cut 2-3 inch vertical strips - you will use these strips to create the toy. Each cut should create two strips (front and back). Cut sides as well.

3. Separate 12 strips of equal length into 3 piles of 4. Alternate colors in each pile. Once 3 piles are created, bundle all 3 piles together at top and tie together with the extra-long strip. Knot the strip twice around the bundle making sure to leave plenty of tail length.

4. Start braiding strips together (3 groups of 4 strips) incorporating the tails of the extra-long tie off strip into braid.

5. Once you are at a secure stopping point on the braid, rubber band the end to secure it while you tie the end.

6. Use the tails of the extra-long strip to tie off the end of the toy. Double knot if possible.

7. Cut the rubber band off once the braid is secure and remove rubber band completely.

8. Trim the ends of the toy to neaten up the tassels

9. Donate to a local shelter of your choice, like the Peninsula SPCA.