Sep 06

Hanging out with Victoria Justice and Max Schneider

On Monday, August 27, Busch Gardens welcomed one of the most popular singing stars on television … Victoria Justice. As many of you know, she was originally scheduled to perform in the Royal Palace Theatre on Sunday, but Mother Nature had other plans.

The morning of the 26th started out just like any other concert. I showed up at the park to make sure that everything was ready to go for our final concert of the 2012 season. The dressing rooms were ready, breakfast was on the table and cold soft drinks were in the cooler. Everything seemed to be going as planned. After the band finished their load in and equipment set-up, I got the call that Victoria was ready to come to the park for her sound check. I drove to her hotel to pick her up. Being young and famous, I was wondering how she would be. I have to say, she was one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met. We piled in the van and headed to the park. I have been in some of the craziest car rides. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride in one of those vans? Here is a video that was taken on the ride over. Sound check went great. Everyone was excited for the show. Shortly after she cleared the stage, the rain began to fall and a little while later, the concert was cancelled and rescheduled to the following day. Victoria was upset that she was unable to perform and made sure to meet as many fans as possible on her way out of the park.

August 27 began just like the day before, except this day, turned out to be much more fun for everyone. I brought Victoria to the park early that day and escorted Victoria and Max Schneider around the park to ride some of my favorite rides, including Verbolten.

She was spotted in the park and made sure she took pictures with everyone that wanted one.

After we rode everything, we headed back to the stage for sound check. Then the doors were opened to the Royal Palace Theatre and fans began to fill the venue. The line to get in stretched all the way into Scotland. It was the longest line I had ever seen. The weather held up and the concert began. Max Schneider put on a great show, and then Victoria came on stage. The crowd went crazy. Everyone was singing and dancing along to the songs. She even sang some songs that will be featured on some upcoming shows on Nickelodeon.

After the show, there was a special Meet and Greet that was held in Castle O’Sullivan. More than 100 lucky fans got a chance to be part of this one-of-a-kind experience. Of all of the acts that I have had the privilege of working with at the park, Victoria was my favorite. I wish I could express how much she cares about each and every one of her fans. She was truly a class act and I hope that she returns to the park someday for another performance.

Talk to you soon,