Dec 24

Extraordinary “Miracles”

“Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles.” - Bob Richards

“Miracles” is our powerful new show in the Italy pavilion. When our creative team set out to plan the look of the Italy village, they originally envisioned an Italian Renaissance Christmas. However, after much brainstorming, the idea of Peace on Earth was used as the inspiration. Drawing from a rich white and gold color palate and airy wrapped trees and hedges of the village, the show development team wanted a strong product that echoes this vision. It was decided that the show should offer something unique, and not just a derivative of our other shows. We wanted the show to fit in with its Italian setting but not necessarily be strictly Italian. Dance was chosen because it complemented the village’s angelic feel.

The goal of the show was to leave guests with a sense of wonder and excitement, either as they begin their Christmas Town journey or at the end of it. What resulted is one of my personal favorite shows that I have ever seen at Busch Gardens. I absolutely love the message of the final song. “I believe in the power that comes from a world brought together as one,” and “Together we’ll fly,” are so inspirational especially at this time of year. I think that “Miracles” delivers exactly what our department is great at doing: producing songs that lift you up, amazing lighting and costumes, enchanting singing and choreography, and, of course, a few surprises.

Here are a few fun facts you might not know about the show:

  • The vocals and piano for “Miracles” are performed and mixed live for each show. To achieve a full orchestra sound outside, we use a custom-recorded 52-piece orchestral soundtrack.
  • The confetti for “Miracles” is 100% biodegradable. Several different shapes were tested before we got the right flutter effect.
  • The stage at the Italy Pavilion is widened to almost the exact width of the Royal Palace Theatre stage.
  • “Miracles” uses a dance floor called “marley floor,” the same material that is used worldwide in many indoor dance studios and at Celtic Fyre, our Irish step show.
  • To reduce condensation from forming on the stage, the side stage extensions and front extension are all heated from below.

If you haven’t been to Christmas Town yet, or if you missed “Miracles” when you visited, be sure to come to Italy and check it out.