May 17

Dare to Drop this Summer at Water Country USA

This week, I got to take the climb to the top of Vanish Point. It’s higher than anything else in the park and the view is amazing. The top of both slides are installed and you can clearly see your path to scream, or should I say where you will begin your exciting drop. Remember, if that slide is not your cup of tea, you can choose to step into a chamber and let the floor drop sending you into a watery vortex of fun. The choice is yours.

Everyone talks about riding Vanish Point, some are excited and others say “no way, not me.” Standing up there looking at ground, I was rethinking my commitment to ride with my son. I think I can brave the floor dropping beneath me with no problem, but I’m not so sure about the open slide.

I wonder if you will get up to the top and decide “no way, not me” and have to take the “walk of shame” back down the tower. Will you dare to vanish this summer?

Cynthia Park Operations Manager Water Country USA