Feb 23

Construction 101

I just learned more about Mach Tower’s construction in 10 minutes, than I have since we first made the announcement of our new attractions last September at Pass Member Appreciation Day.

Besides the discounts and special offers that Twitter has to offer our guests, we are fully committed on keeping you updated on the latest at our new attractions, Mach Tower and Vanish Point at Water Country USA. Since it was a gorgeous, sunny, 56 degree day (bye-bye rain and nasty 30 degree weather) I went out to the Mach Tower construction site to take some pictures for our Twitter followers on the progress. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to leave their desk for an hour? So much is going on; it’s very exciting to see and wearing a hard hat for the first time was an experience all in itself.

The general contractor overseeing the construction was out at the site and I got the opportunity to talk with him. It’s amazing how much goes on with some concrete, dirt, water and blankets. Today was a lesson about construction, the concrete pouring process and how far into the ground the poles go, what the right temperatures should be for setting concrete and other miscellaneous things a girl probably shouldn’t know about construction.

Weather plays a big role in construction and the recent snow slowed up some of the progress. In order for the cement to set and cure, they wrap blankets around them to keep them warm. It’s like swaddling a newborn baby.

The foundations for Mach Tower are being set and while the space itself doesn’t take up much more room than Der Katapult, it will tower 240 feet. Griffon’s highest point is 205 feet – can you imagine the view from up there? Things are “looking up” with the construction and we’ll be sure to share more pictures soon.

One last item before I go. Remember, we also are in the process of re-vamping most of Oktoberfest. Construction on our new pretzel shop, Beste Brezeln und Bier, is well underway. Here’s a random piece of construction trivia – there are pipes that are placed six feet underground in order for soda to be dispensed from inside the store – never would have known that.

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