Apr 24

Summer jobs at Water Country USA®

People always raise an eyebrow when I say I work at Water Country USA. I think I have the best job in the world. I get to be outside enjoying the sunshine and watching families laugh and have fun.

Mar 28

Seven spring bulbs for your gardens

If gardening is a way to practice patience, then growing spring bulbs puts you in the graduate program. Not only do they not look at all like our chosen “flower” when they are planted, but months go by before any foliage or flowers even appear above ground. This also means that the season when you shop for new bulbs for your garden is different from when you appreciate their beauty. So let’s do the appreciation part now, and make notes about what to buy and plant, this fall.

Mar 08

Flowers, memories and smiles

With opening day fast approaching I’d like to share my favorite things about the park reopening for the season.

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