Apr 05

Three fun facts about Clydesdales

We get a lot of questions about our amazing Clydesdales at the Highland Stables. We are out in the hallway interacting with guests from the time the park opens until we close and available to answer questions you may have on your visit. I polled our animal care specialists at the stables and here are the most commonly asked questions that come through our stables.

1. Why is that horse lying down? Is it sick?

Mar 28

Seven spring bulbs for your gardens

If gardening is a way to practice patience, then growing spring bulbs puts you in the graduate program. Not only do they not look at all like our chosen “flower” when they are planted, but months go by before any foliage or flowers even appear above ground. This also means that the season when you shop for new bulbs for your garden is different from when you appreciate their beauty. So let’s do the appreciation part now, and make notes about what to buy and plant, this fall.

Mar 26

Meet Skye

Skye is an 8-week old Border collie that we recently adopted. She will be joining Molly in our sheep herding demonstrations once she is older. Traditionally, Border collies start their sheep herding training at 7 months old.

Oct 22

Decapitation possible

The praying mantis gets its common name from the prayerful attitude it presents when at rest. They range 3-4 inches in length in our area, and camouflage themselves within the green or brown foliage where they are resting. But just look at what this insect is capable of.

Oct 19

Aidan is 6 months old

Aidan is growing up fast! He’s already 6 months old and weighs almost 700 pounds. Aidan was weaned from mom Panola and has joined Eddie and Gordon in their pasture. Eddie is our 4-year-old and tallest Clydesdale; Gordon is Aidan’s older brother and is 2 years old.

Oct 19

Liquid courage: Kids braving Howl-O-Scream

My boys have never been afraid of Howl-O-Scream. Zachary was more apprehensive but informed me last year he would go in all of the haunted houses (and he did without getting scared). The boys visited the park a few weeks ago and went in every haunted house. Zachary came marching out of one and announced, “That was nothing man.”

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