Feb 26

Top five benefits of swimming

My favorite exercise is swimming. I go regularly before work to a local pool (since Water Country USA doesn’t open until May). I grab my kickboard, pull buoy and get ready for a workout. Starting my day at the pool swimming sets me up to feel great all day at work. I have always heard and told my friends about the benefits of swimming. I did a little research and put together the top five benefits of swimming.


Feb 01

Valentine’s Day is coming

So, you’ve done roses, and roses and roses. Or you did roses, only to find out that roses are not appreciated. And you already know that they’ll be really expensive. What to do? Are you ready for a new plan? Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

Dec 19

Christmas trimmings, revisited

In my last blog, I wrote about landscape trimmings you can use in your holiday decorations. As an update, here’s how we’ve put some of our trimmings to use for Christmas Town.

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