Dec 02

Guide to Christmas Town desserts

What’s the best part of the holiday season? Why, the desserts of course! We use this festive time of year to break out the best of the best and use some the season’s finest flavors to complement our decadent cakes, cookies, and treats.

Oct 08

Wolf pack introductions update

Many of you have been curious about the progress the pups are making meeting their new pack mates, Tala, Kitchi and Maska. We have started fence to fence introductions and everything is going swimmingly.

Sep 11

Behind the Scenes: Candy making at Busch Gardens

The sun is barely breaking through the clouds when I say hello to the security guard at the employee gate. The morning fog is starting to lift as I travel through France and then Ireland, before reaching my home country of England. I unlock the doors, turn on the lights, and warm up the kettles to start the day. This is the beginning of another fun-filled day working in one of our two candy shops at Busch Gardens.

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