Mar 26

Meet Skye

Skye is an 8-week old Border collie that we recently adopted. She will be joining Molly in our sheep herding demonstrations once she is older. Traditionally, Border collies start their sheep herding training at 7 months old.

Mar 18

Two lambs born at Highland Stables

Spring is fast approaching and with it we have some new arrivals at the Highland Stables. We are excited to announce that we recently had two Scottish Blackface ewes born to moms Isla and Lady Anne.

Mar 15

Preparing the wolves for opening day

Two more days until opening day! We can’t wait to see all of you and we’re spending the upcoming days preparing for your arrival.

At Wolf Haven, that means we’re sprucing up the area, but we’re getting the animals ready, too. We continue training the wolves when the park is closed, but it is definitely different when you add in excited guests.

Feb 26

Top five benefits of swimming

My favorite exercise is swimming. I go regularly before work to a local pool (since Water Country USA doesn’t open until May). I grab my kickboard, pull buoy and get ready for a workout. Starting my day at the pool swimming sets me up to feel great all day at work. I have always heard and told my friends about the benefits of swimming. I did a little research and put together the top five benefits of swimming.


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