Mar 25

The Name Game: Naming Busch Gardens' First Wooden Coaster

Ever since we launched the poll to select the name of our new wooden roller coaster in 2017, we have been hearing from fans that they might prefer “none of the above” to the three choices offered: InvadR, Battle Klash and Viking Raider.

Mar 18

Clearing the Air: Recent Landscape Changes at Busch Gardens

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Busch Gardens that our lush landscapes are of high importance to us. Our dedication (some might say obsession) to our landscaping is part of what distinguishes us from the bevvy of other theme parks and we wear our designation as the world’s most beautiful theme park (for 25 years straight, no less) as a badge of pride.

Feb 13

Happy Valentine's Day to Our Fans

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate love in all its glorious forms. It’s a day that we tell the people in our lives just how much they mean to us. So today, we’d like to profess our admiration, our devotion, our gratitude to you, our fans.

Feb 09

New Busch Gardens Show is a Barrel of Fun

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is “rolling” out a new show this spring in honor of the park’s 40th anniversary. Roll Out The Barrel follows a fictional German town as its residents celebrate their 40th annual town beer brewing festival.

“In the same way that Celtic Fyre celebrates beloved Irish traditions, Roll Out The Barrel celebrates German traditions that have been part of the Busch Gardens experience for four decades,” said Scott Gasparich, Busch Gardens vice president of entertainment.

Feb 04

Best of the Busch Gardens Blog 2014: Part One

This chilly February weather weather has us looking forward to warmer temps and the park opening up for the 2015 season next month. Before we start looking ahead, though, we thought we'd take a look behind and see how the last year shaped up. 2014 saw Busch Gardens and Water Country opening new attractions, celebrating anniversaries and of course, making lots of memories in the process. Here on the parks' blog, we featured a lot of fantastic posts about the behind-the-scenes goings on of the park.

Nov 19

Busch Gardens Cares Is Hosting a Toy Drive During Christmas Town

Our newest blogger, Theresa, explains how Busch Gardens is trying to help make Christmas shine a little brighter for families in our community.

Count me among the people who look forward to the moment some radio stations start their continuous Christmas music playlists and cable channels begin broadcasting holiday movies all day. So, when the preparations for Christmas Town are underway, I can hardly wait for the transformation.

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