Sep 03

Saying Goodbye to Another Summer Season

Another great season at Water Country USA has come to a close. I have been with Water Country USA through 10 operating seasons, and they have all been so different. The end of each season is bitter sweet to those of us working at the park. It is a little sad to know that our gates are now closed and everything now needs to be packed up for the winter.

May 15

Preparing to Open Virginia's Largest Water Park and Colossal Curl

Our team is counting down to the opening of Water Country USA and Colossal Curl. In the past few weeks we have been busy hanging life vests, cleaning lounge chairs, putting up umbrellas and inflating tubes. The park is just about ready to greet our guests on May 17.

Feb 14

Will You Be Our Valentine?

We are very pleased to announce an addition to the Busch Gardens and Water Country USA blogging team. Kristi brings her fun and positive attitude to her work as the Guest Arrival Manager at Water Country USA. Continue reading to hear about her unique Valentine and stay tuned for more posts from Kristi!

Feb 13

Excitement for Colossal Curl Continues To Grow

Excitement for Colossal Curl continues to grow. Although it’s just February, the discussion and construction for Colossal Curl is in full swing. The buzz around the office and future ride site is that this is going to be a world-class, epic water ride – just like we hoped!

Sep 25

It's a Long Way Down

If you visited Water Country USA this summer, then chances are that you saw the giant high dive located at the Cabana Rama Theater. Did you have the opportunity to see our high diver make the 75 foot dive? Did you wonder how he has the courage or what training he received? I sat down with Richard Thai to learn about his training and what it’s like making the plunge.

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