Aug 25

One Last Hoorah Before Summer Ends

Behind the scenes at Busch Gardens we are deep in the throes of Howl-O-Scream planning. To us, summer is already over and all we can think about are pumpkins, demons, and fiends. But in reality, the summer is not over. There is still about a week left before the kiddos go back to school and life at your house returns to “normal”.

Jun 27

Food & Wine Festival Recipe: Spain's Gazpacho

The Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival ends this Sunday, June 29. Which means there's only one weekend left to try internationally-inspired favorites like the Gazpacho con Ceviche, a chilled tomato and cucumber soup served at the Spain kiosk. Though the festival ends this weekend, you can bring a little taste of the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival home with you with this recipe for a savory soup from sunny Spain. Bon Appétit!

May 30

Mary's Top Ten Picks From the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival

I have had the distinct honor of co-coordinating the Food and Wine Festival for the past two years. In other words, I have consumed a lot of Food and Wine food! In my personal opinion, it kind of makes me an expert on the subject.

Mar 18

Taste-Testing For the Second Year of the Food and Wine Festival

Around this time of year, when people find out that I work at Busch Gardens, they say, “you must be so bored when the park is closed”. Quite the contrary! The amount of planning, training, testing, and set-up that goes into having a successful year at the park is astounding. Our goal is to ensure our guests have a phenomenal experience at Busch Gardens.

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