Dec 17

Warm and cozy holiday beverages

When it’s cold outside, nothing warms your soul like a hot cup of cocoa. Our recipe is so good, you will want to buy our souvenir cup just to get the $0.99 refills. We can also add a piece of our homemade, peppermint fudge to give it that extra something special.

Apr 30

Coffee Fiend

by Staff

If I ever have to choose between arriving to work on time or getting my morning coffee, I'll pay the consequences for being late. I have to have my coffee.

If there's on thing I know as good as our wolves, it's coffee. Coffee is the thing I look forward to when I wake up in the morning. It's the thing I count on to get me through the afternoon. It's the treat I use to reinforce myself for completing all my errands.

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