Aug 04

Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday image is the cover of our souvenir book from 1976. Do you have any tales you have from the Old Country? Share your story in the comments section.

Tales of the Old Country Souvenir Book from Busch Gardens circa 1976

Jun 30

Throwback Thursday

This Throwback Thursday image is from the first ice show in the Globe Theatre. America on Ice: A Tribute to Scott Hamilton ran in the park’s Globe Theatre from 1985-1987. The show featured patriotic music and costumes in celebration of Scott Hamilton’s 1984 Olympic Gold figure skating title.

Sep 01

"Very deep in the Alps lies a terrifying force”

Those are the words you will hear while waiting in the queue at Alpengeist. The video playing overhead tells the story of the legendary snow beast rumored to terrorize the Swiss mountains. Alpengeist, German for 'Ghost of the Alps,' has thrilled guests for more than 13 years, since opening on March 22, 1997.

Alpengeist is still the world's tallest and fastest full-circuit inverted roller coaster. What does full-circuit mean exactly?

May 17

Making Coasters Accessible

by Staff

Busch Gardens is pleased to announce the purchase of a separate harness, from ride manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, that will allow some guests with amputations to ride three of our biggest roller coasters.

In the past, Alpengeist, Apollo's Chariot and Griffon have had rather restrictive manufacturer requirements for guests with amputations. In previous seasons, guests could not ride Apollo's Chariot if they had an amputation above the ankle.

May 11

Roller Coasters – Behind-the-Scenes

by Staff

Want to ride our award winning roller coasters before the park opens?

"The Roller Coaster Insider" allows you to do just that, and so much more.

Have you ever wondered why the support structure on the Alpengeist lift is different than any other coaster in the park? Have you ever wanted to go behind-the-scenes and hold a wheel from The Loch Ness Monster? Is being at the top of Griffon for less than 10 seconds not long enough for you?

Apr 14

Busch Gardens, the Opening …

by Staff

For those of you who don't know, Busch Gardens opened its doors on May 16, 1975 as Busch Gardens, The Old Country. Themed after Old Town Europe, The Old Country represented four European Countries: England, Scotland, France and Germany.

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