Apr 05

Three fun facts about Clydesdales

We get a lot of questions about our amazing Clydesdales at the Highland Stables. We are out in the hallway interacting with guests from the time the park opens until we close and available to answer questions you may have on your visit. I polled our animal care specialists at the stables and here are the most commonly asked questions that come through our stables.

1. Why is that horse lying down? Is it sick?

Apr 14

Busch Gardens, the Opening …

by Staff

For those of you who don't know, Busch Gardens opened its doors on May 16, 1975 as Busch Gardens, The Old Country. Themed after Old Town Europe, The Old Country represented four European Countries: England, Scotland, France and Germany.

Mar 17

Meet our new Clydesdales

by Staff

I'd like to introduce our new Busch Gardens Clydesdales. Our park guests have loved visiting the horses in the Highland Stables since 1975 and we weren't about to disappoint them.

The Clydesdales that you will meet this season will look a lot different than the horses you have seen in the park previously. A Clydesdale can come in a variety of colors from bay (brown) to black.

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