Oct 01

Boise, what big teeth you have

Hey Boise fans! Boise has been with us for three months now, and he is like a whole new man. He has gotten really big. He weighs more than 50 pounds and stands taller than Mia and both of the other puppies. His adult coloration and his adult teeth have also come in. He looks kind of silly, because his head isn’t quite big enough for those teeth yet, and of course, his tongue is still always poking out between his front teeth. Maybe one of these days he’ll grow into himself.

He’s also really growing up behaviorally. He will come out to Wolf Valley when the park is open and hang out down by the ponds, even with a big crowd present. Given his wild history, this is remarkable.

We are so happy that he is comfortable enough to play and forget himself. If any of you want a chance to see Boise, when you come to the park, visit the Wolf Haven stage. There is a chalk board sign out front that lists the times puppies are available for viewing.