Jul 06

American Red Cross visits Water Country USA

All of our Water Country USA lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross. Most of you may know that, but did you know that the American Red Cross visits our park twice a year? During their site visits, they ensure our guards are properly trained and are demonstrating good skills on and off the stand. This week one of the aquatics managers from the national ARC headquarters toured the park as a guest and observed all of our guards.

After her tour, she contacted us to meet with several guards. She asked them a series of questions to test their knowledge about aquatic safety. She also had them demonstrate different rescue scenarios in the water and on land. The next day she returned to inspect all of our safety equipment. We had a great visit and the guards did fantastic.

If you were in the park that day, did you notice a fleet of red bathing suits at Rock ‘n’ Roll Island doing demonstrations?