Animal Connections: Meet Dylan the California Sea Lion!

If you have visited the park in the past few months, you may have had an opportunity to see one of our brand new educational animal shows.  These special presentations are different from the usual park shows, “Believe”, “Azul”, and “Cannery Row Caper

Announcing the Cheetah Hunt Winners!

We had many creative entries in our second giveaway contest.
Congratulations to the 25 winners of the second Cheetah Hunt giveaway!  
1.       Jessica Milford
2.       Cameron Harward
3.       Andrew Finn
4.       Julius Rodriguez
5.       Krystal Mueller
6.       Jason Landrie

Announcing the New Cheetah

Busch Gardens Tampa is excited to announce that today we have launched the new Cheetah
Some of the features of the new site include:

Baby Steps Into Splash Castle Fun

I recently visited the park to play with my two boys (age 4 and 14 months).  It was a particularly hot day at the park and all we wanted to do was get wet, but avoid having to wait in any lines.  The Count’s Splash Castle has always captivated my eldest from a far, but he would not even consider going in even if I begged him.  He loves the park’s other water attractions, but something about all of the water squirting and giant bucket falling with 1000 gallons of water scared him.  I suggested that we go in towards the back of Splash Castle away from the bucke

Behind the Scenes at Azul... A Performer's Point of View

Azul has been a very popular show since it debuted last season at SeaWorld San Antonio.  The combination of animal and human performers makes for a thrilling and interesting show.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform in the show?  It's really difficult to put into words what we feel durin

Behind-The-Scenes of Our Brand New Parade

As you know, we will be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the brand-new “Neighborhood Street Party” parade.  Here is the first video in a series of clips that will give you an inside look at the parade coming together.

Behind-the-Scenes of the "Neighborhood Street Party" Parade: The Soundtrack

Join Elmo in the recording studio as he records the soundtrack for Sesame Place's brand-new "Neighborhood Street Party" Parade. In this video you will meet the parade's Composer and Director, and get an inside look at its soundtrack production. Enjoy!

Beneath the Surface- The Making of SeaWorld’s "One Ocean" - Set Design

The fifth video in our series “Beneath the Surface” takes you to the creative world of set design for the “One Ocean” show.

Beneath the Surface- The Making of SeaWorld’s “One Ocean” - Whale Behaviors

The fourth video in our series “Beneath the Surface” delves into some of the new whale behaviors in the “One Ocean” show.

Beneath the Surface: The Making of "One Ocean" - Whales & Trainers

The sixth video in our series “Beneath the Surface” focuses on the whales and their trainers. The presentation of these extraordinary animals connects guests to the sea with a new level of energy and excitement, all while educating and inspiring guests to make a difference in this world.

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