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Aug 16

Fun Coaster Facts for National Roller Coaster Day

It’s no secret that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is jam packed with thrills for every thrill type and just in time for National Roller Coaster Day, we're sharing some of our favorite facts about our world-class coasters:

Jul 18

Your Guide To Pokémon Go at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Chances are your life has been taken over by Pokémon Go*- if you’re not playing it, then your friends and family probably are, bringing you along on their hunt for Pokémon, Pokéstops and Gyms. It’s taken over our offices too. Even coworkers who were initially skeptical have, after downloading the app, turned gleeful with child-like amusement.

Mar 25

The Name Game: Naming Busch Gardens' First Wooden Coaster

Ever since we launched the poll to select the name of our new wooden roller coaster in 2017, we have been hearing from fans that they might prefer “none of the above” to the three choices offered: InvadR, Battle Klash and Viking Raider.

Mar 18

Clearing the Air: Recent Landscape Changes at Busch Gardens

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Busch Gardens that our lush landscapes are of high importance to us. Our dedication (some might say obsession) to our landscaping is part of what distinguishes us from the bevvy of other theme parks and we wear our designation as the world’s most beautiful theme park (for 25 years straight, no less) as a badge of pride.

Feb 29

The Early Bird Gets the Best Deals

The Early Bird Gets the Best Deals

Whenever someone finds out I work in Marketing at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, their first question is usually, “What’s the best deal on tickets?”

The best offer really depends on your needs, but no matter what ticket you want, the best time to buy is now. In almost every case, we put out our best deals early, before the parks open or early in the season. The reason is simple: We want to provide the best incentive to guests who are willing to commit early.

Feb 11

Taking a Risk - Project 2017

Taking a Risk - Project 2017

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance and try something new.

As we expected, our recent release of clues related to a 2017 expansion at Busch Gardens has drawn a lot of attention – both inside and outside of our organization.

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